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Take The Reins Equine-Assisted Learning – Fall Events

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a hands-on experiential program that uses interactions and developing relationships between people and equines in an environment of learning and self-discovery. The farm, barn, and animals naturally lends itself as a relaxing, multi-sensory environment. Best of all…it’s fun!!

What does Equine-Assisted Learning at Take The Reins in Thompson’s Station offer your family?

Our staff includes PATH Intl. dual credentialed professionals with years of experience in; teaching social, life, and team building skills, to children, teens and adults; working with individuals with special needs and challenges; and partnering with equines.

Our equine team includes well trained horses, ponies, minis and donkeys, each offering their unique attractions, personality, and interactions.

Our individualized accommodations - We provide a supportive educational environment. Our inclusive teaching strategies support all learning styles. We honor each individual’s strengths and encourage their interests. Accommodations and modifications are utilized as needed to insure that each family member is appropriately challenged and experiences success. We understand!

Why programs that include siblings and families?

  • We value families and understand the unique challenges they can experience when a member has special needs/challenges.
  • We believe that “siblings” is a special, life-long relationship that should be nurtured and enjoyed.
  • We understand that everyday stress and time demands are common and that siblings and families need opportunities to relax and enjoy their time together.

In short, we believe our peaceful farm and experienced 2 and 4 legged team offer the perfect opportunity for families to enjoy a fun, supportive environment and participate in activities that everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Family Time – a 2.5 hr. program offered during school vacation weeks

Unwind from the hectic week. Give your family the gift of fun and new experiences that all can enjoy and benefit from. This program offers safe and supported horse interactions and activities plus fun on the farm for everyone in the family. The program is designed to strengthen and promote the family by focusing on:

  •  Recognizing and valuing each other’s strengths, talents, and interests
  • Exploring the many ways we communicate
  • Provides opportunities for each family member to help the others
  • Fostering self-esteem and confidence in everyone
  • Learning to work together and have fun as a family

Family Time - Program Overview

Each family will have their own pony or horse to enjoy. After learning about horses and safety in the barn, each family will learn practice working together as the team groom and interact with their horses.
Teamwork: After learning about horses and safety in the barn, each family will learn explore working together as they team groom and interact with their horses. The goal is to get comfortable around the horse, learn what each family member (including the horse) enjoys and is uncomfortable with. We will practice asking for and giving help and encouragement.

Exploring the Farm: We will explore the barn, horse tack, farm equipment, try cleaning a stall and go for a hay ride.

Communication: Over a cup of fresh cider we will learn how horses talk to each other and us. We will discover how the horses are speaking with their eye, ears, tails and bodies and how we can use our bodies to talk with them. We’ll practice what we learned with handling and leading activities.

Games: We’ll play miming games to make sure we understand “horse talk”. And practice haltering and leading our family members before we try it with the horses. Be ready to Laugh!

Self-esteem and confidence: As each family, including their newest member (their horse/pony mini), gets comfortable with each other, they work as a team through a horse course activity that fosters collaboration, communication, and family success. It’s so much fun when the focus is on validating what we do well. The horses love to be cheered on and thanked for what they are contributing to the family effort.

Memories to take home: We’ll end with a family meal of carrots, apples, cookies. The donkeys, ponies, minis, and horses like this part the best! And we’ll make sure there are lots of pictures to take home to share and talk about.

Siblings Forever! - a 1.5 hr. program offered during school vacation weeks

Having a “special” sibling has special benefits!

This program offers siblings the opportunity to work and have fun together, learning that they each have unique strengths and talents that should be celebrated and shared.

Siblings will have the opportunity to team with different ponies, minis, and donkeys as they work together to help their new friends through activities. Along the way they will have fun exploring what makes each of their 4 legged teammates unique, including each one’s personality, preferences, how they learn and communicate, what the siblings can do to help each one have success as part of their team. Doing “right” by their horse is each sibling team’s goal.

Along this journey the siblings develop empathy, understanding and appreciation for other’s needs and strengths.

Working together to help their equine sibling fosters comradery and builds self-esteem and confidence in everyone!

To learn more about the Equine-Assisted Learning programs please contact us at [email protected]


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